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About Us

Maharaj Lal Dass Brahma Nand Bhuriwale Garibdassi Society of Toronto Canada Inc. is a non- profit religious organization registered in 2005 in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  This is the first Garibdassi society ever registered outside of India under the inspiration of society’s spiritual head Vedhant Acharaya Swami Chetna Nand Ji Bhuriwale. All the directors, management committee and members serve without any remuneration or any other financial interest.

The society was registered with the following purposes in mind:

  • To preach and advance the teachings of the Garibdassi faith of Hindu religion and the religious tenets, doctrines, observance and culture associated with that faith.
  • To establish, maintain and support a house of worship with the services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of Garibdassi faith of Hindu Religion.
  • To do humanitarian and charitable work locally or abroad, as needed, by raising special funds and giving services as deemed necessary and feasible by the society.
  • To operate a school for teaching Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit to increase people’s ability to study religious texts to know God.
  • To practice and propagate non-violence in thoughts and words, avoidance of intoxicating drugs, beverages and smoking
  • To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.
  • To provide education, counseling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need, including language instructions, employment training, job search programs, translation services and information program on Canadian Culture and Life.
  • To accept donations, membership dues, and do such other lawful things as may be necessary to raise funds to carry out the above aims and objects of the society.
All the above , similar or related services are provided as decided and duly approved by society’s chief patron Swami Chetna Nand Ji Bhuriwale.
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#480,Chrysler Drive,Unit 41-42,Brampton,Ontario L6S0C1 Canada .........Charitable Registration Number 820534147RR0001
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